Now, do you want to learn to operate the

Now, do you want to learn to operate the "excavator" or operate the "tower crane"?

Let us look at the situation of excavators today. Many people now want to master their skills. Many people say that if you go to learn an excavator, will there be a future? Is it an excavator or a tower crane?



First: technically


Excavator technology is clearly superior to tower cranes. The slopes, ditches, flats, earth and stone, loading, mining, water ponds, waterways, various working conditions, and various operational skills need to be accumulated. The operational skills of tower cranes are relatively small. Compared with tower cranes, excavators have the disadvantage of being more technically versatile, learning to drive longer and riskier.


Second: salary


At present, the wages of excavator drivers are generally between 6,000 and 8,000, and a few can be between 9000 and 10,000. But this is related to driving experience, working conditions, models and other factors. The advantage of the tower crane is that the salary is small, but the learning operation time is short and the use is convenient. Earlier, I was able to get my salary, and the shortcomings were obvious. I am afraid that high-income earners cannot learn. Nowadays, there are more and more female operators, and they occupy employment opportunities. Finding a job is relatively difficult. The advantage is that the salary is higher than the tower crane and there are many job opportunities.


Third: About security


Excavators work a lot, mixed, and can do a lot of things, so the probability of accidents is relatively large, but pay attention to standard operation, pay attention to safety. Tonkee China is a professional supplier of high quality excavator parts. If the tower crane does not cause an accident, if it dares, it can work at a height. In the event of an accident, the consequences are unthinkable, but the tower crane does have very few personal accidents. In addition, the excavator driver's working environment is relatively poor, the work difficulty is also greater than the tower crane driver, the risk coefficient is higher than the tower crane driver.


Fourth: employment


In the case of difficult job hunting, the demand for excavator drivers is much greater than that of tower crane drivers, as excavators are more active and demanding. Therefore, the demand for excavator drivers is higher than that of tower crane drivers.


Finally, whether it is an excavator or a tower crane technology, the risk is too great. I hope that everyone can choose according to their actual situation, it is best to think for themselves, I hope everyone can live a happy life!


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