Excavator Diesel Storage Instructions

Excavator Diesel Storage Instructions

Excavator diesel is not handled properly during storage and is prone to deterioration. So how do you prevent diesel from deteriorating?


  1. Reduce contact with the air

Excessive contact with air can cause oil oxidation, resulting in increased glue and residual carbon. In order to avoid the contact between diesel and air, it should be sealed and stored. The second is to fill up as much as possible to reduce the space of air. The second is to minimize the round-trip between different storage containers and reduce evaporation and oxidation.


  1. Sunscreen cooling

Pay attention to sun protection and cooling, and slow down the evaporation and oxidation of oil. If the drums are stored in the open air, they need sun protection. They are usually placed under the shade of trees or under the shade of trees and filled with rubber or rubber rings. Tighten the lid.


  1. Keep clean to avoid soiling

The oil storage container must be cleaned before use, and no impurities such as water, rust or residual oil remain. If there is water or impurities in the diesel engine, the high pressure oil pump and injector will be severely worn. Before use, diesel needs to be fully precipitated, filtered and impurities removed. It usually takes more than 48 hours to settle.

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  1. Bad weather is not refueling outdoors

In order to avoid rain, snow and dust entering the tank when refueling, it is necessary to avoid refueling outdoors in bad weather.

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